Monday, November 26, 2012

750 words is not more a dream or joke

Most of my work is  related with sharing knowledge and experience with others. My interactions are mostly via talks but for sure it is not the only mechanism to exist but also writing is an option.

Writing, as many other activities in my life,  shall have a high priority. I have assigned a high priority to read relevant info about [distributed] computing, do physical activity, share with my close people and strength my spiritual side.

You should be worry about this entry because is not related with the title of this blog. Right, but it is part of my training, part of my warming up time because from this time and afterwards; I will be posting different links regarding with distributed computing (e.g. grid and cloud computing), developments around Infrastructure as a Code (e.g. DevOps), programming stuff (e.g. python) and my "own" Linux hacks (they are not really my hacks but recipes from others working for me).

And what about 750 words? Well, this is my writing goal for business days.

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