Monday, November 26, 2012

Google Drive SDK

I'm a frequent user of Google applications not only Google mail but also Google's office suite.
Time ago I read about the discipline to write at least 750 words per day and I wonder how I can count the number of words that I did write in a day on a particular file residing in Google Drive.
Well, I searched and found this video to show how to create a python-based command line application to access files in Google Drive.
I'm watching it and I will figure out then how to count the number of words written in a particular day. I have to say that Google Drive uses the revision concept for managing versions in its files. Lets see how hard is this.

PS: My idea is write a short program to receive a file name and shows how many words were written during the last day. If additional parameters are passed to the program, such as a range of days, the program will show how many words have written each day during this particular range of days.

Stay tuned!

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  1. Some hints:
    - Read steps from 1 through 4 instead of watching the video.
    - Get the code from the web page which is different from the url shown in the video,
    - Use google-chrome instead firefox to get the 'verification code' , the web application does not interact well with foxie :(
    In conclusion, visit the link ( with Google Chrome, remember the video is optional and prone to be outdated.